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Fitting Advice

If possible, we strongly recommend a visit to Magic Shoebox to see the full range of shoes we have on offer and take advantage of our team of experienced (and lovely) shoe fitting gurus.  
Not all of the shoes we stock at Magic Shoebox will make it online as we believe to get the right fit some shoes will require a more hands on approach.

There are many aspects to a great fit.  Online we can only offer, with some certainty, length. In additon we give you as much general information as we can in regard to width, features, materials, orthotic friendliness etc.

If you are still not sure then please give us a call. We are happy to chat and assist you with fits, styles and indiviual foot and shoe needs.

Measuring Length

1.  Have  your child stand evenly on both feet about a shoulder width apart.

2.  You will need to measure both the left and right foot in centimetres as accurately as possible.  eg 7.9cm

3.  Length should be taken from the back of the heel to the tip of the longest toe (this may be the second toe)

4.  Use the length of the longest foot

5.  When viewing the sizing guide available under each product.  

6.  We provide the insole for each shoe style so subtract grow space 10-12mm and find the size that is closest to yourchilds foot length 

Important Note

Each shoe listed on our web store includes the length of the insole.  This may be different for each style, even within the same brand.  Lots of variation occurs across shoes.

We recommend 12mm of grow space (10mm into first walkers) .  We find this is an optimal length to get as much time within a shoe as well as not being too long that tripping occurs.  At this length the shoe still functions correctly and bends at the appropriate part of the forefoot.  

A shoes that is too long can be as damaging to growing feet as shoes that are too short.

After measuring your child feet, and using the longer foot (shouldthey be different) add the 10 - 12mm of grow space and match this as closely to the inner sole length.


How long will my child be in a shoe with 12mm of grow space?

This is not something we can answer with any surety.  It really will depend on how fast your child grows.  

We know from experience that for foot (and shoe) health, 12mm is as much space as we can allow before becoming a trip hazard.

Childrens feet will grow, as a general rule faster before 5 years of age after that you can usually get a season out of a shoe but some children will stay the same size for longer.  We hope this is the case for you.  

Shoes are a significant investment in your childs foot health so we recommend purchasing less shoes but of better quality and fit.  Find the shoe that functionally suit your childs environment and play style.